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I understand that the Munich Dysphagia Test – Parkinson’s Disease (MDT-PD©) may only be used for non-commercial purpose, or the purposes received permission for. I guarantee that the source will be mentioned as reference in case of publishing the study data. I also understand that reproduction, translation, modification, sale, or distribution of any portion of the MDT-PD© (including any part of the MDT-PD web application©/ offline program© to evaluate the screening results) is strictly prohibited and, specifically, that the MDT-PD© may not be incorporated into clinical trials, training or certification programs or materials, software programs, or otherwise except through use of the underlying permissions request / invoicing and payment of applicable fees. For additional disclaimer information, please visit our webpage We do not collect/save any personal data entered in the fields of the web application for MDT-PD evaluation, but we kindly ask you to share your study results with us.

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